A Burdensome Blessing

14 I know and am convinced in the Lord Jesus that nothing is unclean in itself; but to him who thinks anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean (Romans 14).

Paul wasn’t satisfied just to say he “knew,” he added that he was “convinced,” that is, he “knew with certainty.” The word literally means that his mind was “inextricably bound” to the idea. But what idea? Really it’s two ideas: 1) that “nothing is unclean in itself,” and 2) that a person’s conscience is the determining factor in determining what is or is not unclean. We do not assess what is right, based on the conscience of another, however, we do take action based on the conscience of another (see previous verses, as well as the following).

What a burdensome blessing we have, to make decisions based upon our conscience—decisions upon which we can be certain, giving us freedom and peace to act, and yet decisions upon which we can also be wrong, for who can be right in everything of which his conscience is convinced? Oh, the grace of God, which gives us such leeway!

Thank You, Lord, for the grace You bestow upon us so that we can have such freedom and peace in acting according to a fallible conscience. Help us This Day to have a conscience in accord with what is right, and not wrong. Amen.