Full Dosage Required

2 … May grace and peace be yours in the fullest measure (1 Peter 1).

Apart from the grace of God, there is no peace — no peace with Him, and no peace from Him.  And boy do we need both — “grace and peace!”  And, the truth is, we have always needed both!  These precious words, written almost 2,000 years ago embrace as great a need today as they ever did when Peter first wrote them.  Not a soul who has ever read them in faith, has ever simply shrugged them off as mere rhetoric in salutation.

And we do not need just a bit of “grace and peace” — no, we need them “in the fullest measure” possible.  We need the fullest dosage we can get, each and every day and each and every minute of every day.  

Lord, thank You for offering this grace and peace to us every day.  We confess we need it again This Day.  Would you please pour it out on us in fullest measure?  Amen.