In Honor of an Aunt

7 The end of all things is near; therefore, be of sound judgment and sober spirit for the purpose of prayer (1 Peter 4).

Human logic would read this and think something like, “Hey, if ‘the end of all things is near,’ why bother with anything?” But divine logic says otherwise. Divine logic says the most important thing is “prayer,” and nothing prepares one for prayer more than “sound logic” and a “sober spirit.”

I remember laughing about funny names of bygone generations and wondering why people were named such funny names. For instance, I have a great-great (maybe add another “great” and you get the idea) aunt whose name was Safronia. They called her Aunt Froni. Well, now I know where she got her name: from the Greek word here (sōphroneō) meaning “sound judgment”—one who is “self-controlled” and “in their right mind.” So, that makes it a nice and noble name, don’t you think?

Lord, make us a clan of Safronia’s—at least This Day. Amen.