The Fantastic Five

8 To sum up, all of you be harmonious, sympathetic, brotherly, kindhearted, and humble in spirit (1 Peter 3).

Like others we have seen in this study of 1 Peter, three of these five words are used only by Peter, and only once in the entire Bible: “harmonious,” meaning “together in understanding;” “sympathetic,” meaning “feeling with;” and the one word translated as “humble in spirit,” meaning “friendly of mind.” The word “brotherly” means “brotherly love;” (from which the city of Philadelphia is named), and the word“kindhearted” literally means “having strong bowels,” as in feeling a deep sense of compassion in your gut. Peter commands his readers (that’s us as well) to make these fantastic five words a part of our lives.  

At the risk of sounding trivial, Marvel Comics developed a superhero team called The Fantastic Five, each having a unique power used in fighting evil—however, they’ve got nothing on the Fantastic Five here in our text, of which all are available to any one of us who would submit to God’s Spirit working in our lives. 

Lord, may others Marvel This Day at the display of these Fantastic Five: harmony, sympathy, brotherly love, kindheartedness, and humility. Amen.