1 James, a bond-servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ … (James 1).

James was one of four half-brothers of Jesus: “James and Joseph and Simon and Judas [Jude] (Matthew 13:55). He and one other brother, Jude, wrote letters that are in our Bible. They obviously changed their thinking about Jesus, no longer believing He had “lost his senses” (Mark 3:20-21). One can only wonder when that transformation exactly took place.

At some point James quit seeing Jesus as just his big brother in an earthly family, and recognized Him as The Big Brother in a heavenly one. His devotion to Him as “Lord” and “Christ” became equal to his devotion to “God,” in that he was “a bond-servant” to them both, that is, bond-servants to the Father and to the Son. Well do I remember when that transformation took place in my life, when I discovered that to know and love God meant to know and love Jesus Christ, the one and only Savior and Lord of all. How about you?

Lord, we thank You for the transformation that took place in our lives so that we became bond-servants of Jesus. Help us This Day to keep on surrendering all to Him. Amen.