Sweet Greetings

1 James … to the twelve tribes who are dispersed abroad: Greetings (James 1).

This word “greetings” is the same word Gabriel used to greet Mary. It is also used many times in the sense of “being glad” or “rejoicing”—which is an emotion they, who as refugees from persecution, definitely needed to feel. James wanted them to know they were not forgotten. In fact, he was dispatching this letter especially to those who had been “dispersed abroad.”

The Lord never forgets those who are His. He will always send them greetings, gladness, and rejoicing of some kind to lighten their hearts. These Jewish Christians, representing “the twelve tribes” of Israel, needed encouragement, and James was ready to give it. Indeed, seeing that he had become the leader of the Christian church in Jerusalem, it is likely he knew many of them by name and face.

Lord, we thank You that You know us by name and face and heart and soul and mind—and that You do not forget us. May we rejoice with gladness in You This Day. Amen.