The Anger of Man

20 for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God (James 1).

Anger has always been a besetting sin of mine—a ruthless fiend hounding my soul and nipping at my heels. I cannot read this verse without a profound measure of pain in my heart. Years ago a friend calmly uttered it to me in rebuke after my inappropriate chastising of him—and then refused to be my friend any longer. How sad that righteous anger can sometimes be so unrighteous.

Like all sins, anger can disguise itself with something that appears to be good. On that rueful day it showed itself in what I thought was righteous anger, yet that display was but fleshly and sinful—and that “anger of man” achieved nothing but the loss of a friend. No amount of such anger is worth that.

Lord, we thank You that Your righteous anger always accomplishes what is best. Help us This Day to leave all anger up to You. Amen.