Lives of Meter and Rhyme

22 But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves (James 1).

The word “doers” (“poietes”) has two meanings: one is just what it says: “someone who does”—the other is actually “a poet” (yes, our English word comes from it) and is thus rightly translated in Acts 17:28. Now just what is a poet anyway? It is someone who with meter and rhyme cause the reader or listener to see and feel the deeper meanings of ideas and truths and life stories, which otherwise are prone to appear simply common and even mundane. In short, poets (“doers of the word”) bring life to life’s party.

Every believer should be a poet, in the sense that their lives, with meter and rhyme, reflect the deep and beautiful meaning of God’s truth as it is daily followed and obeyed. Such a life causes others to stop what they are doing, give pause and listen. 

Lord, help us This Day to live our lives with beautiful meter and rhyme so that Your gospel truths are both seen and felt by others around us. Amen.