1 But Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such we will incur a stricter judgment (James 3).

The word “megas” is translated “greater” the vast majority of times in Scripture, yet here in my NASV it is translated “stricter.” The NIV translates it “to be held more accountable” and the KJV, “receive the greater condemnation.” I like the “greater” translation because “stricter judgment” implies the Lord giving less scrutiny to some, when we know His all-knowing eyes see everything perfectly.

Regardless of semantics, the lesson is clear: teachers of the Word of God are held to a higher standard—and rightly so. For it is they to whom the Lord has appointed to the church and given insights to impart to His people. Thus, those who have been given greater responsibility are held more responsible, and those to whom more insight has been given are held to a greater oversight.

Lord, thank You for the teachers You have given to Your church, for it is a great burden which they carry. Help us This Day to pray for them and learn from them. Amen.