Words With Purpose

5 Or do you think that the Scripture speaks to no purpose … (James 4)?

The Scripture “speaks” because it is the Word of God, who never utters a single word without it having a divine “purpose” to it. Like a faithful echo in a sound chamber, His spoken word always returns to His ears, having accomplished everything it was designed to do (Isaiah 55:11). To read the Bible is nothing less than to hear the Almighty speak.

There are some people who speak just to hear the sound of their voice. Their only purpose in utterance is to please their own ears, and it matters not what effect the words have upon others who hear them. To be sure, God’s words always please His ears because they are righteous and good—yet they are also meant for the ears of others to hear and heed.

Lord, may we hear You speak to us This Day through Your Word, and may we also heed those words so that they fulfill their divine and loving purpose in our lives. Amen.