From Whom He Flees

7 …. Resist the devil and he will flee from you … (James 4).

To “resist” someone is to “stand against” them, “to take your stand against” them. It is what we do against the very Son of Perdition himself. Dressed in the full armor of God we “stand firm against” him and all the schemes he throws against us (Ephesians 6:10-17). 

And when we resist him, he doesn’t just leave—he flees! Indeed, he cannot get away from us fast enough! How great is the power and grace of God manifested through simple human beings like us, made only from the dust of the ground, who can make a magnificent angelic being from the celestial world turn tail and run. It’s the stuff epic novels are made of, and yet it is our reality!

Lord, we acknowledge that the only reason we can stand against the devil is because You stand alongside us—and it is really You from whom he flees. Help us This Day to stand firm. Amen.