A Robe Too Big

11 Do not speak against one another, brethren. He who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks against the law and judges the law; but if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge of it. 12 There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the One who is able to save and to destroy; but who are you who judge your neighbor (James 4)?

The only one who has the right to judge is “the One who is able to save and to destroy”—and that is Jesus Christ and Him alone. For in the end, it is through His judgement alone that someone is either “saved or destroyed”.

When we judge others we become like an arrogant child in a home who snatches authority away from the parent, taking it upon herself to decide which other children should be rewarded or punished, and how each reward or punishment should be carried out. It is a scenario obviously wreaking of absurdity, for the grand Judge’s robe just doesn’t fit a child. It is simply a Robe too big.

Lord, help us This Day to be doers of the Law, allowing You alone to be the Judge of it. Amen.