Messengers with the Message

1 Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, according to the promise of life in Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 1).

Paul’s apostleship was based upon three inextricable attributes of God: His sovereign providence, His absolute righteousness, and His unfailing love and goodness. In other words, Paul was an apostle because it was God’s “will” for him to be one; he was an apostle because God had kept his “promise” to send the Messiah to save him; and he was an apostle because God had given him “life in Christ Jesus.”  

In the sense that the word “apostle” in its broadest sense means “one who is sent out,” the same can be said for all of us who are also saved in Christ Jesus—we have also been “sent out” to proclaim Him among the nations. No less than to The Twelve, the statement/command of Acts 1:8 applies also to us: “You shall be My witnesses ….”  

Lord, send us out This Day with the same assurance as Paul—that we are Your messengers with the glorious message of salvation in Christ. Amen.