Unsung Heroes

10 Aristarchus, my fellow prisoner, sends you his greetings … (Colossians 4).

Aristarchus was a devoted co-worker of Paul. He is first introduced in Acts 19 where he was taken and “dragged along” by rioters in Ephesus who were unhappy with Paul’s preaching. In Acts 20 he is described as a Thessalonian. In Acts 27 we see him accompanying Paul on his journey to Rome, thus experiencing everything Paul himself did, including the shipwreck. Thus, Paul names him here as a “fellow prisoner.” Paul also sends greetings from him at the end of his letter to Philemon, thus Aristarchus was well aware of the situation with Onesimus, who along with Tychicus is delivering this letter to the Colossian church. 

Except for these short references in the Bible, we know very little of him. Catholic tradition recognizes him as one of the Seventy Apostles and the bishop of Apamea. Aristarchus is one of those unsung heroes of the faith, whom we will one day meet in glory along with all the rest. Won’t it be great getting to know him and to listen to his story?

Lord, how many other unsung heroes are moving around in our midst today? Help us This Day to treat all our brethren as unsung heroes of the faith. Amen.