All Three

15 Greet the brethren who are in Laodicea and also Nympha and the church that is in her house. 16 When this letter is read among you, have it also read in the church of the Laodiceans; and you, for your part read my letter that is coming from Laodicea (Colossians 4).

Laodicea lay only about 10 miles west of Colossae, thus close interaction between the two cities was highly likely—especially among believers. Per instructions, Paul’s letters (portions of what is now Scripture!) must have been eagerly circulated among them. 

Where the church gathered in Colossae we do not know, but Paul tells us here that the church in Laodicea met in “Nympha’s house.” I find it more than interesting that we know nothing at all of this person—someone who was so instrumental in the furtherance of the gospel in those days! She simply joins the list of many other unsung heroes of the faith that we will spend eternity getting to know.

Lord, we are reminded once again how everything is about You and Your Word and Your Church. Help us This Day to be faithful to all three. Amen.