A New Norm

21 Fathers, do not exasperate your children, so that they will not lose heart (Colossians 3).

How does a father “exasperate” his children and makes them “lose heart?” By disciplining them too harshly, or causing them not to know what to expect because of his inconsistencies in disciplining them. Thus, the children do not know how to please the father and they feel unloved. Any Christian father who has been guilty of this to any degree, surely carries great regret in his heart. 

In the Apostle Paul’s day such harsh treatment of children was normal among pagans, which these Colossians once were. Old habits and norms are hard to break, and these fathers needed to be taught and reminded to treat their children with love and tenderness and respect. Even today there are Christian fathers who themselves came out of harsh standards, with poor examples given by their own fathers, who need to be taught and reminded of this Christian standard.

Lord, help fathers This Day to be loving and consistent disciplinarians to their children. Amen.