Grateful Prayer

2 Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving … (Colossians 4).

To be “devoted” to something means to be steadfastly attentive to it and giving unremitting care to it. It’s like a watchman in the night who is so devoted to his people that he stays “alert” (“keeps watch”) in order to keep the city from being overtaken by marauders. But what motivates him is not just the fear of calamity, but also “an attitude of thanksgiving” for them.

In the same way, the undergirding motivation for a Christian to pray is an attitude of thanksgiving prevailing in his life. Thus, as harsh as this may sound (and as much as we might want to deny it), a prayerless Christian is a thankless one. It’s just as simple as that: a truly thankful heart leads to expression of that gratitude through prayer—and a thankless heart is a mute one.

Lord, help us This Day to be grateful prayer warriors. Amen.