A Great Question

30 But what does the Scripture say (Galatians 4)?

“But what does the Scripture say?” In the end, isn’t this the great question from which we find the answers we need to live this life? What does the Bible teach? What is God telling us through His Word? Where would we be without the Word of God? What would we know? How many things would we not know? How much truth and knowledge and encouragement and assurance would we lack?

With any question that comes our way we should immediately be thinking these precious words: “But what does the Scripture say?” Does what I am hearing or thinking or feeling inside line up with the standards of the Bible? After all, the word “cannon” (with which we describe the Scriptures) means just that: “standard” or “rule” from which we measure everything. If we try to build our lives on words not fit to measure from, it is like building a house with a broken tape measure or a bent carpenter’s square.

Lord, thank You for the Scriptures! Help us to measure our lives and everything we come against This Day by Your Word and Your Word alone. Amen.