Mercy, Peace, and Love

2 May mercy and peace and love be multiplied to you (Jude).

Most translations, like this one, have “to you” in them, leading us to think Jude’s desire was for “mercy and peace and love” to be received from God by those to whom he was writing. Yet the word “to” is not in the original at all, thus it might also be translated that these things be multiplied “from among you”—that is, that others might be on the receiving end.

This way of reading also connects quite well with the following verse urging them to “contend earnestly for the faith”—thus, to be out and about showing mercy and peace and love to folks. So, I would rather think of this verse in this way, since we know it is indeed better to give than to receive.

Lord, help us This Day to give mercy and peace and love to everyone we meet. Amen.