An Uncommon Common

3 Beloved, while I was making every effort to write you about our common salvation … (Jude).

Salvation comes in different ways through different circumstances—yet it is the same salvation “common” to every believer. No matter how it happens, it still brings the same gifts to us all—gifts that are common to us, yet uncommon to the world. These gifts include such things as regeneration, reconciliation, redemption, justification, and adoption into God’s family through His Holy Spirit taking residence within us.

This is why any believer on the planet (no matter what race or former creed or social background or personality or intellectual capacity or besetting sins) can meet another believer and experience a profound sense of kinship bringing them together like no other bond the world has to offer. 

Lord, thank You for this common salvation You give to every believer. Help us This Day to embrace the bonds of love with other believers we may meet. Amen.