9 A little leaven leavens the whole lump of dough (Galatians 5).

Have you ever placed a drop of food coloring into a cup of water? It doesn’t just color a part of the water, all of it changes—every drop. Both error and sin, like “leaven” and like food coloring, affect everything around them. Just so, it does not take much error or sin to make wholesale error or debauchery, either in an individual, or a group. It may take a while for them to filter down into the rest of our lives, but they will always get there—and we will always pay the price eventually. 

It seems obvious that our country is still paying the price for the leaven of slavery that once permeated our society. Its consequences have been disastrous, and it appears we just cannot escape them, even after suffering a costly civil war almost 150 years ago. I think now also of the leaven abortion and can only wonder at the cost that evil will still bring!

God forgive our nation and help Your children in it to be good leaven in it. Amen.